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Qualisys Photofinish

Finish line photography reinvented. Download product sheet

Key features

  • Full scene preview
  • Up to 4 000 fps
  • 2048 pixel resolution
  • High image quality
  • Full HD front camera
  • Super-easy software
  • Weather protected cameras
  • Judge while capturing

Timing shouldn't feel like rocket science.

Qualisys Photofinish is a modern timekeeping system that unites accuracy with ease-of-use.

With full sensor preview, synchronised front camera support and its super-streamlined software, Qualisys Photofinish makes accurate timing ridiculously easy.

We call it finish line photography reinvented.

The Photofinish System components – The Photofinish Camera, Connection unit, Photofinish software & Start signal.
Screenshot of the Photofinish software

What is Qualisys Photofinish?

Qualisys Photofinish is a timekeeping system powered by the proven Qualisys camera platform, adapted for photo finish photography.

During setup, the user is presented with a full scene image, in contrast to the traditional photo finish cameras with line scan sensors that just show you what’s going on at the finish line. With full-scene preview, setting up the system becomes a whole lot easier, for novice and expert users alike.

The system is approved for IAAF by the Swedish Athletic Association.

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The Software

Adjusting the finish line
Capturing & judging
Server & client workflow
Qualisys Photofinish

Site based license

The software license is site based, which means that you can have one computer to capture the race, another computer to do the actual judging and also install the software on your own laptop for further analysis.

What can the software do?
  • Full scene camera setup.
  • Fine-tune mode to adjust finish line placement pixel-by-pixel.
  • All start impulses are collected, select the correct one in software.
  • Judge on a 2nd computer while the race is ongoing.
  • Export images & plain text files with results.
  • Any device that closes or opens a circuit can be used to trigger the start impulse.
  • And much more...
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The Camera

  • Colour Photofinish camera with full-scene sensor
  • 2048 pixels vertical resolution (adjustable to 2048, 1024 and 512 pixels)
  • 4000 fps image capture (adjustable to 4k, 2k, 1.5k, 1k, 500 and 100 fps)
  • Zoom lens, 12.5–75mm (49–9 degrees FOV), f/1.8
  • Timekeeping through a stable +/-1 ppm TCXO
  • Both camera housing and lens are weather protected
  • HDR (High dynamic range) mode for increased dynamic range
  • High image quality & good low-light performance
The Photofinish camera
Made in Sweden

Swedish Quality.

We believe in quality over quantity. That’s why we have created a reliable and well-built photo finish system that is hard to break.

The entire product is designed and assembled in Västergötland, Sweden.

Approved for IAAF by Swedish Athletic Association.

Approved for IAAF

The Qualisys Photofinish system is certified for IAAF by the Swedish Athletic Association.

This means that Qualisys Photofinish is approved for use in athletic competitions worldwide.

Weather protected Photofinish camera.

Weather protected

The Photofinish system is made for being used. Not just indoors or in perfect weather conditions. But everywhere.

The Photofinish system easily withstands even the heaviest of rain falls.

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The Connection unit

Front view of the connection unit.
Left view of the connection unit.
Right view of the connection unit.

Connection unit with impulse distribution

Besides the camera, the system consists of a connection unit to which the camera, computer, start impulse and capture button are connected.

The connection unit also has opto-coupled impulse distribution so you don’t need additional equipment to split the start impulse to timing boards or other systems.

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What you get

A complete package contains
  • 2048 pixels color Photofinish camera.
  • Site-licensed software for capturing, judging & exporting.
  • Connection unit with opto-coupled impulse distribution.
  • Capture button, cables & power supply.
  • Rugged carry case for camera, connection unit & cables.
  • HD (1080p) color front camera.
  • Laptop with 64-bit Windows 7.
  • Manfrotto tripod with horizontal slider head.
The Photofinish case.